Emergency travel coverage

How plan members can use their emergency travel coverage

New sights, great weather, quality time with family and friends – a spring vacation is an ideal way to relax, have fun and escape the last throws of Old Man Winter. Before your plan members board their flights to the sunny south, their Ski destination or even a quick jaunt across the border, it’s a good time to remind them how to use their Emergency Out-of-Country coverage during a travel emergency abroad.

What to do in a travel emergency

Provincial health insurance covers a limited amount of the costs for emergency health services outside Canada. Your Emergency Out-of-Country coverage takes care of certain expenses related to emergency medical treatment beyond what’s covered by provincial plans. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the travel assist provider.

Plan members should call the number on their Pay Direct Drug card or Emergency Medical Travel Assistance card to:

  • Locate a local medical service provider
  • Confirm coverage
  • Arrange advance payment
  • Find service in a language other than English
  • Document and share your care and progress with the attending doctor and your doctor in Canada

It’s also a good idea for plan members to review the applicable maximums and reimbursement levels under their group health care plan, listed in their benefits booklet. Any plan members who will be outside Canada longer than the maximum number of days included in your group insurance plan should consider buying top-up coverage to ensure protection for their entire trip.

Registration of Canadians Abroad

For those travelling outside of Canada, it’s a good idea to register for updates from the Canadian Government. They’ll notify you in case of an emergency at home or in the area you’re visiting – such as a natural disaster or civil unrest.

Additional coverage for non-medical expenses

Your Out of Country coverage, available in most group plans, also provides coverage for many non-medical expenses, such as:

  • Transportation costs for bedside attendance by a friend or family member
  • Trip delay transportation charges
  • Transportation costs for return of dependent children
  • Out-of-pocket allowance for living expenses
  • Return of remains or cremation expenses for plan members and dependents
  • Cost of economy airfare for a family member to identify the deceased

For assistance or more information about this additional coverage, call us at 604-681-7759 or email for a free consultation!

*Not all plans include Emergency Out-of-Country coverage. Before leaving Canada, plan members should check to make sure their plan includes this coverage. If not, they should consider purchasing separate travel insurance.