Attract and Keep Quality employees with a CPMA benefit plan.

According to the Chamber of commerce, more than 50% of millennials agree that a quality benefits package influences their choice of employer and over 60% say that benefits are an important reason in staying with an employer.
But benefits aren’t just made to satisfy your employees. They can and will improve your business in a number of ways:

Minimize turnover rate

For many employers, employee attrition is key. Keeping your best employees is vital to sustaining your success. According to FlexJobs, almost 80% of surveyed employees new benefits to a pay raise. Therefore if you offer competitive perks that they can’t find at other employers, it’s unlikely that they’ll turn their backs on your company.

Better job performance

Improving your benefits package and investing in the offering will show your people that you are investing in them. Improving your benefits will keep employees loyal, and as a result of this loyalty, they will work harder.
The better your employees perform, the better the company performs.

Improve talent attraction

According to EBRI, 78% of people said that the employee benefits package is very or extremely important in their decision to accept or reject a job.
It’s tough out there and a good salary may not be enough for your employees. People want to be rewarded with things that improve their well being and lifestyle. Offering these things might just land you the star employee you have been waiting for.

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